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Title Torah shield
Related place Odesa (Ukraine) - related place
Original Library/publisher אוסף המרכז לאמנות יהודית - Center for Jewish Art Collection
Creation Date 1992
Citation Note Ukraine
Museum of Historical Treasures of Ukraine
DM 7424
Host Item CJA Sacred and Ritual Objects-624-S064456
Description The silver Torah shield is rectangular and terminates with a semi circular arch.The Tables of the Covenant are depicted in the centre, inscribed with the two opening words of the Ten commandments, five in each side. They are flanked by two cylindrical columns decorated with spiralling strips and rampant griffons,facing backwards, standing on rectangular columns and holding a crown decorated with flowers. The upper part consists of an inscription which continues on a plaque below the tablets. Inscribed in square filed letters it reads: "ז"נ )זאת נדבת( ר' אברהם בר' )בן הרב( אבוגדר]אביגדור[מביאליי". "ל' תרכ"ד לפ"ק". "This is the donation of Rabbi Abraham son of Rabbi Avigdor from Biali, the year 1864". The lower part depicts a pair of human faced lions couchant, guardant with erected tails. The Torah shield is framed by a line composed of small balls.
Language No linguistic content
Identifier CJA Sacred and Ritual Objects-624-S064456
System Number 997003968190405171

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