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Title Hammat Gader Synagogue
Original Library/publisher אוסף המרכז לאמנות יהודית - Center for Jewish Art Collection
Host Item CJA Ancient Jewish Art-506-0078094
Description The synagogue is based on a basilica plan and is oriented towards Jerusalem. The hall of the building is approximately square in shape, measuring 13m x 13.5m. It is divided by two rows of four columns, into a nave (7.80m wide), and two aisles (eastern aisle: 3m wide, western aisle: 2.4m wide). A transverse aisle (1.8m wide) is separated from the nave by two columns and two pillars which are "L" shaped in the corners ?? The columns have no bases, and do not stand on a stylobate. Instead they are sunken? into sockets? which are below floor-level. A raised platform (bima/bema?), measuring 4.55m in length and 1.2m in width, is situated at the center of the southern wall, facing Jerusalem. Two steps lead up to the center of the bima and marble screens once stood on either side of the steps. Remains of posts and panels of the chancel were found in the floor of the bima. The bima leads ?? to the apse which is sunken 1.18m below the level of the bima. Remains of benches line the southern and eastern walls of the hall. The floor of the nave and aisles is paved with mosaics. There are several rooms attached to the hall on the eastern side and there is a narrow court on the southern and western (??unclear).... The main entrance to the synagogue was (is??) in the south-eastern corner of the entire complex in the eastern wall. There, one entered a narrow forecourt which became even narrower within. A bench lined the right side of this forecourt. The forecourt led into a vestibule which was broader on the western side. Thick pillars on either side of the entrances to the forecourt and vestibule apparently served to support arches. Three steps on the right of the western side of the vestibule, lead (led?) into the basilica at its south-eastern corner. The forecourt and vestibule also served as an approach to the annex which consists of four rooms. Two of the rooms adjoin the eastern wall of and the other two lie to their east. The two pairs of rooms are separated by a narrow
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Identifier CJA Ancient Jewish Art-506-0078094
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Hammat Gader Synagogue – הספרייה הלאומית

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