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Title Torah finials
Related place Georgia - related place
Original Library/publisher אוסף המרכז לאמנות יהודית - Center for Jewish Art Collection
Creation Date 1993
Citation Note Israel
Tel Aviv
Content Georgia
Tiflis (Tbilisi)
Host Item CJA Sacred and Ritual Objects-400-0046099
Description The tower-shaped Torah finial consists of a shaft, a body and an apex. The cylindrical shaft is encircled by a ring at the bottom and tapers upward. The body has six facets which bear biblical phrases surmounted alternately by a crown or A Stars of David. Each facet is surmounted by a multifoile arch decorated with foliate motifs which also decoratete the bottom of each facet. The inscription in square filled letters on each facet begins with the following biblical verse: פעמון זהב ורמון )שמות כ"ח:ל"ד(, "A golden bell and a pomegranate" (Ex.28:34) (KJ). The following inscriptions are taken from verses from the books of Deuteronomy and Psalms: "וזאת התורה אשר שם משה לפני בני ישראל )דברים ד: מד( תורה צוה לנו משה מורשה קהלת יעקב )דברים לג:ד( "And this is the Torah which Moses set before the Children of Israel" (Deut.4:44). "Moses comanded us the Law as the inheritance of the congregation of Jacob" (Deut. 33:4). כי שם יוי)ה'( אקרא הבו גדל לאלהינו)דברים לב:ג( הכל תנו עוז לאלהים ותנו כבוד לתורה)תהילים סח:לג(. "Because I will call on the name of the Lord, ascribe greatness to our God" (Deut.32:3) "Ascribe ye strength unto God"(Ps.68:34). "תורת יהוה תמימה משיבת נפש עדות יהוה נאמנה מחכימת פתי פקודי יהוה ישרים משמחה לב מצות יהוה ברה מאירת עינים )תהילים יט: ח-ט( יהוה לעמו יתן יהוה יברך את עמו בשלום )תהילים כט:יא( "The Torah of the Lord is perfect, restoring the soul, the testimony of the Lord is sure, Making the wise simple. The statutes of the Lord are right rejoicing the heart: the connansnent of the Lors is pure, enlightening the eyes." (Ps.19:8,9). "The Lord will give (strenght) unto his people: the Lord bless his people with peace" (Ps. 29:11). ארחצ בנק
Language No linguistic content
Identifier CJA Sacred and Ritual Objects-400-0046099
System Number 997003952360405171

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