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Title Torah case
Related place Libya - related place
Original Library/publisher אוסף המרכז לאמנות יהודית - Center for Jewish Art Collection
Creation Date 19.5.1993
Citation Note Israel

Host Item CJA Sacred and Ritual Objects-280-0056081
Description The ten faceted wooden Torah case consists of a body and a coronet. A pair of faceted annulets encircles the upper and the lower borders of the body. A silver band is between the row of annulets. Ten knobs for the Torah case wrapper are set between the border one on each facet. The case opens into two halves in the middle of the front facet, while the back one is separated from the rest by two pairs of hinges. A dedicatory inscription, composed of Biblical phrases is situated on two plaques which form a pointed ogee arch and are located at either side of the front facet. The inscription begins on the right plaque and goes from the right to the left and the square linear letters read: "וזאת התורה זכה וברה )שמ' ב' 32( "וכתי' )וכתיבתה( תמה" גם ווי העומדים )שמ' כז' 01( מעוטרה "מה]טוב[ומה יופיו" )זכ' ט' 71( העור כי טוב ודיו" אשר פעל ועשה כעירנו חי העלוב המנוח ה"ר )הרב( חי חגאג נ"ע )נוחו עדן( בכר יוסף נ"ע )נוחו עדן( תנצב"ה )תהי נשמתו צרורה בצור החיים( והן בעדן לא נגמר הספר הזה עד שנלב"ע )שנפטר לבית עולמו( This is the Torah scroll, pure and clear, with fine penmanship even the hooks of the pillars are decorated (Ex. 27, 10). For how great is their goodliness and how great is their beauty, (Zech. 9, 17) the parchment and the dye are good. he created and executed, the man who lived in our city the humble, deceased, Rabbi Hay Hagag, may he rest in Eden, the first born of Yosef, may he rest in Eden. May his soul be bound up in the bond of life and they in inquity did not complete this scroll before they passed away. The left plaque reads: ה"ר )הרב( חי הנזכר ובהשתדלות רב של יורשיו נגמר בכי טוב ויה"ר )ויהי רצון( שתניח נפשו גם נפש אחיו הר רחמים תנצבה )תהי נשמתו
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Identifier CJA Sacred and Ritual Objects-280-0056081
System Number 997003943150405171

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Torah case – הספרייה הלאומית

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