Terms of Use

The meaning of Terms of Use

Each manuscript is owned by a library or collection having entered the collection over the years. This same library or collection has rights of ownership and rights to its publication. This means that it cannot be duplicated, published or have another work created from images of the manuscript without the owner’s approval.
The National Library has received permission from various collections to photograph the manuscripts they own and to upload them onto its website.

The fact that the manuscript appears on the website does not mean that it is possible to make free use of the manuscript.

As part of the Ktiv project (the International Collection of Digitized Hebrew Manuscripts), each collection has set its own Terms of Use for the manuscripts it owns. The Terms of Use for each manuscript appear on the manuscript’s page on the website and in the manucsript viewer .

Manuscripts belonging to collections that have not yet signed an agreement have not be scanned and are not displayed.

Where and how to find out what the Terms of Use for a particular manuscript are?

Details of the Terms of Use for each manuscript appear in two locations on the Ktiv website:

1. On the manuscript’s webpage, as part of the display of the catalog record and the referral to the page viewer:



2. On the page viewer, as part of the information displayed on the “info​” button, on the control keys:


How can I get an order form for photographs and a permission form for publication?

If a reader wants to use the images of a manuscript in such a way that requires the permission of the owner, the reader must contact the owner for permission. A link to the webpage of the relevant collection appears at the bottom of the table of Terms of Use on the item’s page, in the "What you can do with this manuscript's images" section:​

To obtain from the National Library a scan of a manuscript owned by another library or collection, a scan of a manuscript from a microfilm that has not yet been scanned or if the reader has any questions related to this matter, please check the Terms of Service and/or contact us.


Terms of Use

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