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"Dionysos, with his following of satyrs and women, was a major theme in a big part of the figure painted pottery in 500-300 B.C. Athens. As an original testimonial of their time, the imagery on these vases convey what this god meant to his worshippers. It becomes clear that - contrary to what is usually assumed - he was not only appropriate for wine, wine indulgence, ecstasy and theatre. Rather, he was present in both the public and private sphere on many, both happy and sad, occasions. In addition, the vase painters have emphasized different aspects of Dionysos for their customers inside and outside of Athens, depending on the political and cultural situation"--Provided by publisher.

Title Dionysos in classical Athens : an understanding through images / by Cornelia Isler-Kerényi
translated by Anna Beerens.
Co-Author Beerens, Anna, 1957- (translator)
Publisher Leiden
Boston : Brill
Creation Date 2015
Content Introduction. Dionysos in 6th-century imagery
The retinue of Dionysos : Who are the satyrs, who are the women?
Dionysos in the 5th century, and his transformation after 450 B.C. -- [1] Dionysiac subjects in red-figure pottery -- [2] Dionysos for Athens, Dionysos for all. Dionysiac pottery around 500 B.C.
Late black-figure vases
Early red-figure vases
Red-figure cups of the final quarter of the 6th century -- [3] All kinds of satyrs. The first decades of the 5th century
The painters of large vases
Painters of cups
Tentative conclusions -- [4] Dionysos, a god for the Athenians. Developments after 480 B.C.
Hermonax and his contemporaries
The imagery of red-figure pointed amphorae
The pelikai of the painter of the birth of Athena -- [5] Dionysiac mythology in flux. Vase imagery between 480 and 430 B.C.
Traditional Dionysiac subjects
The child Dionysos
Dionysos in love -- [6] Unfamiliar and unknown Dionysiac rituals. Boys and girls in the realm of Dionysos
A domestic Dionysiac ritual
Dionysos' chair. 1) A satyr carrying a chair
2) The unoccupied chair
3) Dionysos has arrived
Child satyrs in Dionysos' retinue
A ritually honored Etruscan Dionysos -- [7] A new Dionysos at the Parthenon. Decoration program and message
Dionysos' gigantomachy
Dionysos in the east pediment
Dionysos in the Parthenon frieze
Reflections of the west pediment in vase painting -- [8] The new Dionysos in vase painting -- [9] Images of Dionysos from 430 B.C. onwards. Dionysos on stage. 1) Kratinos' Dionysalexandros, 2) Aristophanes' frogs, 3) Euripides' bacchae
Dionysos in 4th-century sculpture
A look at vase painting
The Derveni krater -- [10] Summing up. Anonymous prototypes
The changing image of Dionysos
Dionysos in classical Athens -- Works cited -- Index. 1) Museums
2) Vases following Beazley
3) Vases following Beazley archive database (BA)
4) Vases and other works following LIMC
Notes Includes bibliographical references (pages 243-260) and indexes.
Series Religions in the Graeco-Roman world, 0927-7633
volume 181
Format xx, 290 pages : illustrations
25 cm.
Language English
Copyright Date ©2015
Identifier ISBN9789004270114
System Number 990037941220205171

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