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'The Routledge Companion to Science Fiction' is a comprehensive overview of the history and study of science fiction. It outlines major writers, movements, and texts in the genre, established critical approaches and areas for future study.

Title The Routledge companion to science fiction / edited by Mark Bould ... [et al.].
Edition 1st ed.
Co-Author Bould, Mark
Publisher London
New York : Routledge
Creation Date 2011
Content pt. I. History. The Copernican revolution / Adam Roberts -- Nineteenth-century sf / Arthur B. Evans -- Fiction, 1895-1926 / John Rieder -- Sf tourism / Brooks Landon -- Film, 1895-1950 / J.P. Telotte -- Fiction, 1926-49 / Farah Mendlesohn -- Golden age comics / Marek Wasielewski -- Film and television, the 1950s / Mark Jancovich and Derek Johnston -- Fiction, 1950-63 / Rob Latham -- Film and television, 1960-80 / Peter Wright -- Fiction, 1964-79 / Helen Merrick -- Manga and anime / Sharalyn Orbaugh -- Silver age comics / Jim Casey -- Film since 1980 / Sean Redmond -- Television since 1980 / Lincoln Geraghty -- Fiction, 1980-92 / Michael Levy -- Comics since the silver age / Abraham Kawa -- Fiction since 1992 / Paul Kincaid.
pt. II. Theory. Critical race theory / Isiah Lavender III -- Cultural history / Lisa Yaszek -- Fan Studies / Robin Reid -- Feminisms / Jane Donawerth -- Language and linguistics / Mark Bould -- Marxism / William J. Burling -- Nuclear Criticism / Paul Williams -- Postcolonialism / Michelle Reid -- Posthumanism and cyborg theory / Veronica Hollinger -- Postmodernism / Darren Jorgensen -- Psychoanalysis / Andrew M. Butler -- Queer theory / Wendy Gay Pearson -- Utopian studies / Alcena Madeline Davis Rogan -- Virtuality / Thomas Foster.
pt. III. Issues and challenges. Animal studies / Joan Gordon -- Design for screen sf / Piers D. Britton -- Digital games / Tanya Krzywinska and Esther McCallum-Stewart -- Empire / Istvan Csicsery-Ronay Jr. -- Environmentalism / Patrick D. Murphy -- Ethics and alterity / Neil Easterbrook -- Music / Ken McLeod -- Pseudoscience / Roger Luckhurst -- Science studies / Sherryl Vint -- Space / James Kneale -- Time, possible worlds, and counterfactuals / Matt Hills -- Young adult sf / Joe Sutliff Sanders.
pt. IV. Subgenres. Alternative history / Karen Hellekson -- Apocalyptic sf / Aris Mousoutzanis -- Arthouse sf film / Stacey Abbott -- Blockbuster sf film / Stacey Abbott -- Dystopia / Graham J. Murphy -- Eutopia / Graham J. Murphy -- Feminist sf / Gwyneth Jones -- Future history / Andy Sawyer -- Hard sf / David N. Samuelson -- Slipstream / Victoria de Zwaan -- Space opera / Andy Sawyer -- Weird fiction / China Miéville.
Notes Includes bibliographical references and index.
Series Routledge literature companions
Format xxii, 554 pages : ill
26 cm.
Language English
Identifier ISBN0415453798
System Number 990037938690205171

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