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Title The sculptural environment of the Roman Near East : reflections on culture, ideology, and power / edited by Yaron Z. Eliav, Elise A. Friedland, and Sharon Herbert.
Co-Author Eliav, Yaron
Publisher Leuven
Dudley, MA : Peeters
Creation Date 2008
Content Reconsidering Hellenism in the Roman Near East : introductory remarks / Glen Bowersock -- The nature of Syrian Hellenism in the late Roman and early Byzantine periods / Maurice Sartre -- The Jews in the Roman world / Aharon Oppenheimer -- Marble sculpture of the Roman period in the Near East and its Hellenistic origins / Gideon Foerster -- The sculptor's studio at Aphrodisias : the working methods and varieties of sculpture produced / Peter Rockwell -- The classical heritage in late antique Palestine : the fate of freestanding sculptures / Yoram Tsafrir -- The destruction of pagan statuary and Christianization (fourth-sixth century C.E.) / Frank R. Trombley -- The imperial cult in the East : images of power and the power of intolerance / John Pollini -- Statues on the wall : the representation of statuary in Roman wall painting / Eric M. Moormann -- Narrative and identity in mosaics from the late Roman Near East : pagan, Jewish, and Christian / Fergus Millar -- The missing pieces : miniature reflections of the Hellenistic artistic landscape in the East / Sharon Herbert -- Statues and inscriptions in Iudaea/Syria Palaestina / Werner Eck -- Baetyls as statues? : cult images in the Roman Near East / Peter Stewart -- Visualizing deities in the Roman Near East : aspects of Athena ad Athena-Allat / Elise A. Friedland -- Roman sculpture from the exedra in the Temenos of the Qasr al-Bint at Petra / Fawzi Zayadine -- Sculptures from southern Syrian sanctuaries of the Roman period / Thomas M. Weber -- The statues of the sanctuary of Allat in Palmyra / Michal Gawlikowski -- The role of sculpture in worship at the temples of Dura-Europos / Susan B. Downey -- Divine statues in the works of Libanius of Antioch : the actual and rhetorical desacralization of pagan cult furniture in the late fourth century C.E. / Ellen Perry -- Imagining an eastern Roman Empire : a riot at Antoch in 387 C.E. / Raymond Van Dam -- Sculpture in Roman Palestine and its architectural and social milieu : adaptability, imitation, originality? : the Ascalon basilica as an example / Moshe L. Fischer -- Caesarean sculpture in context / Rivka Gersht -- Caesarea's fortune : ancient statuary and the beholder in a late antique city / Kenneth G. Holum -- Sculptures and sculptural images in urban Galilee / Zeʼev Weiss -- Roman victory displayed : symbols, allegories, personifications? / Benjamin Isaac -- The desolating sacrilege : a Jewish-Christian discourse on statuary, space, and sanctity / Yaron Z. Eliav -- Idolatry in late antique Babylonia : the evidence of the Babylonian Talmud / Richard Kalmin -- The vitality of Egyptian images in late antiquity : Christian memory and response / David Frankfurter.
Notes "All the contributions in this volume stem from an international conference that took place on November 7 to 10, 2004, at the University of Michigan and the Toledo Museum of Art."--Acknowledgements, p. [xxiii].
Includes bibliographical references (p. [679]-750) and index.
Series Interdisciplinary studies in ancient culture and religion
Format xxvii, 769 pages : ill., maps, plans
24 cm.
Language English
Identifier ISBN9042920041
System Number 990034919640205171

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