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Title Perspectives in marine biology / edited by A.A. Buzzati-Traverso.
Co-Author Buzzati-Traverso, Adriano A.
Publisher Berkeley : University of California Press
Creation Date 1958
Content Parameters of the marine environment / K.M. Rae -- The inadequacy of experiment in marine biology / A.C. Redfield -- Immediate problems in the development of marine biology / L. Zenkevitch -- Perspectives in the study of benthic fauna of the continental shelf / P. Drach -- The particulate and the comparative concept in marine synecology / W. Wieser -- An attempt to test the efficiency of ecological field methods and the validity of their results / R. Riedl -- Parallel level-bottom communities, their temperature adaptation, and their "balance" between predators and food animals / G. Thorson -- Some problems in larval ecology related to the localized distribution of bottom animals / D.P. Wilson -- The future of underwater television / H. Barnes -- Ecology and physiology of reef-building corals / C.M. Yonge -- Irregularities of distribution of plankton communities : considerations and methods / V. and L. Tonolli --
Perspectives in the study of seasonal changes of plankton and of the number of generations at different latitudes / B.G. Bogorov -- Toward prediction in the sea / A.C. Hardy -- Some biochemical problems in marine biology / E. Baldwin -- Homeostatic mechanisms in marine organisms / T.H. Bullock -- The regulatory mechanisms of cellular respiration / E.S. Guzman Barron -- Motion, energy transmission, and the cellular matrix / A. Szent-Györgyi -- Perspectives in the study of biological clocks / C.S. Pittendrigh -- Studies of the timing mechanisms of daily, tidal, and lunar periodicities in organisms / F.A. Brown Jr. -- Some thoughts on biochemical perspectives in marine biology / S.K. Kon -- The primary production and standing crop of phytoplankton / W. Rodhe, R.A. Vollenweider, and A. Nauwerck -- Temporal succession and spatial heterogeneity in phytoplankton / R. Margalef -- Some functional aspects of inorganic micronutrients in the metabolism of green plants / D.I. Arnon --
Growth factors in unicellular marine algae / L. Provasoli -- Marine microörganisms : some generalizations concerning their importance to marine life / W.L. Belser -- Ethology as a new branch of biology / W.H. Thorpe -- Polarized light and plankton navigation / T.H. Waterman -- Perception of pathways by fishes in migration / A.D. Hasler -- Perspectives of experimental research on social interference among fishes / D. Miyadi -- Challenging problems in shellfish biology / V.L. Loosanoff -- Some marine invertebrates useful for genetic research / D.L. Ray -- Problems of species formation in the benthic microfauna of the deep sea / W. Wieser -- Aspects of the environment of pearl-culture grounds and the problems of hybridization in the genus Pinctada / Y. Matsui -- Some chemical bases for evolution of microorganisms / A. Novick -- Genetics and marine algae / R.A. Lewin -- Genetic systems in sessile and semisessile organisms / C. Barigozzi --
Problems of speciation in marine invertebrates / A.J. Kohn -- Perspectives of research on sex problems in marine animals / G. Montalenti -- A few remarks on marine biology, animal biology, and general biology / P. Drach -- Some genetical problems presented by sessile coelenterates / C.M. Yonge -- Perspectives in marine biology / A.A. Buzzati-Traverso.
Notes "A symposium, held at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California, March 24-April 2, 1956" - facing t.p.
Includes bibliographical references.
Format xvi, 621 p., [2] folded leaves of plates : ill., maps
24 cm.
Language English
System Number 990034179530205171

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