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Title The Mishnah : a new translation with a commentary, Yad Avraham, anthologized from talmudic sources and classic commentators / [general editors, Nosson Scherman, Meir Zlotowitz].
Additional Titles Mishnah. English. 1979.
Co-Author Scherman, Nosson
Publisher Brooklyn, N.Y : Mesorah Publications
Creation Date 1979-2010
Content v. [1]1. Seder Zeraim, Tractate Berachos. 2001.
v. [1]2a. Seder Zeraim, Tractate Peah. 1990.
v. [1]2b. Seder Zeraim, Tractate Demai. 2002.
v. [1]3a. Seder Zeraim, Tractate Kilayim. 1992.
v. [1]3b. Seder Zeraim, Tractate Sheviis. 1986.
v. [1]5. Seder Zeraim, Tractate Challah, Tractate Orlah, Taractate Bikkurim. 2004.
v. [2]1a. Seder Moed, Tractate Shabbos. 1982.
v. [2]1b. Seder Moed, Tractate Eruvin. 1983.
v. [2]1c. Seder Moed, Tractate Beitzah. 1982.
v. [2]2. Seder Moed, [Tractates] Pesachim, Shekalim. 1981.
v. [2]3. Seder Moed, [Tractates] Rosh Hashanah, Yoma, Succah.
v. [2]4. Seder Moed, [Tractates] Taanis, Megillah, Moed katan, Chagigah. 1979.
v. [3]1a. Seder Nashim, Tractate Yevamos. 1984.
v. [3]1b. Seder Nashim, Tractate Kesubos. 1984.
v. [3]2a. Seder Nashim, Tractate Nedarim. 1985.
v. [3]2b. Seder Nashim, [Tractates] Nazir, Sotah. 1985.
v. [3]3. Seder Nashim, [Tractates] Gittin, Kiddushin. 1985.
v. [4]1a. Seder Nezikin, Tractate Bava kamma. 1986.
v. [4]1b. Seder Nezikin, Tractate Bava Metzia. 1987.
v. [4]2a. Seder Nezikin, Tractate Sanhedrin. 1987.
v. [4]1c. Seder Nezikin, Tractate Bava basra. 1986
v. [4]2b. Seder Nezikin, Tractate Makkos, Tractate Shevuos. 1987.
v. [4]3b. Seder Nezikin, Tractate Avodah zarah, Tractate Horayos. 1988.
v. [4]4. Seder Nezikin, Tractate Avos. 2007.
v. [5]1a. Seder Kodashim, Tractate Zevachim. 1988.
v. [5]1b. Seder Kodashim, Tractate Menachos. 1989.
v. [5]2a. Seder Kodashim, Tractate Chullin. 1989.
v. [5]2b. Seder Kodashim, Tractate Bechoros. 1989.
v. [5]3a. Seder Kodashim, Tractate Arachim. 1991.
v. [5]3c. Seder Kodashim, Tractate Kereisos. 1990.
v. [5]4. Seder Kodashim, Tractate Tamid, Tractate Middos, Tractate Kinnim. 2005.
v. [6]1a. Seder Tohoros, Tractate Keilim, chapters 1-16. 2010.
v. [6]1b. Seder Tohoros, Tractate Keilim, chapters 17-30. 2010.
v. [6]2b. Seder Tohoros, Tractate Oholos, chapters 1-9. 2001.
v. [6]2b. Seder Tohoros, Tractate Oholos, chapters 10-18. 2001.
v. [6]3b. Seder Tohoros, Tractate Parah. 2006.
v. [6]4b. Seder Tohoros, Tractate Mikvaos. 1991.
v. [6]4c. Seder Tohoros, Tractate Niddah. 2008.
v. [6]5a. Seder Tohoros, Tractate Machshirin, Tractate Zavim. 2009.
v. [6]5b. Seder Tohoros, Tractate Tevul yom, Tractate Yadayim, Tractate Uktzin. 2010.
Notes שער נוסף: ששה סדרי משנה.
Includes text of Mishnah in Hebrew and English translation, commentary and introduction in English.
Some volumes include the complete Hebrew text of the commentary of Rav Ovadiah Bertinoro.
"A project of the Mesorah Heritage Foundation."
Series Artscroll Mishnah series
Format 39 v. (v.[1]1, [1]2a, [1]2b, [1]3a, [1]3b, [1]5, [2]1a, [2]1c, [2]2, [2]3, [2]4, [3]1a, [3]1b, [3]2a, [3]2b, [3]3, [4]1a, [4]1b, [4]1c, [4]2a, [4]2b, [4]3b, [4]4, [5]1a, [5]1b, [5]2a, [5]2b,[5]3a, [5]3c, [5]4, [6]1a, [6]1b, [6]2a, [6]2b, [6]3b, [6]4b, [6]4c, [6]5a, [6]5b)
24 cm.
Host Item ששה סדרי משנה.
Language English
Identifier ISBN1578197023 (v.[1]1)
ISBN0899063284 (v.[1]2a)
ISBN1578197031 (v.[1]2b)
ISBN0899063322 (v.[1]3a)
ISBN1578193540 (v.[1]5)
ISBN0899063268 (v.[1]3b)
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ISBN1422610551 (v.[6]5b)
ISBN9781422610558 (v.[6]5b)
System Number 990022212830205171

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