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NLI Committees and Departments

Committees and Departments

National Library Council

National Library Council

Prof. David Harel, Chairperson
Prof. Asher Cohen
Yosef Yarom
Prof. Shmuel Feiner
Prof. Simcha Emanuel
Prof. Manuel Trachtenberg
Yoav Shorek

Board of Directors
David Baruch
Annette Hochstein
Zvi Yochman, CPA
Prof. Sarit Shalev-Eyni
Shlomit Perry
Prof. Vered Noam
Rabbi Yuval Cherlow
Prof. Tamar Wolf-Monzon
Prof. Ruth HaCohen – Pinzower
Adv. Aharon Abromovitch
Ido Nehushtan
Prof. Fadia Nasser-Abu Alhija
Prof. Noam Nissan

Executive Committee
David Baruch
Zvi Yochman, CPA
Adv. Aharon Abromovitch

Finance Committee
Zvi Yochman, CPA, Chairman
David Baruch
Adv. Aharon Abromovitch
Prof. Noam Nissan

Human Resources Committee
David Baruch, Chairperson
Annette Hochstein
Dr. Ora Nebenzahl
Prof. Fadia Nasser-Abu Alhija

Committee for the Planning of the Interior of the New Building
Zvi Yochman, CPA, Chairperson
Annette Hochstein
Shlomit Perry

Investment Committee (Non-Member Participants)
Yoav Nardi, Chairperson
Joseph Iceland
Yehudit Tytelman

Technology and Digital Strategy Committee
Prof. Noam Nissan, Chairperson
Annette Hochstein
Rabbi Yuval Cherlow
Shlomit Perry

Collections Development Committee
Prof. Vered Noam, Chairperson
Prof. Ruth HaCohen – Pinzower
Dr. Tamar Hess

Audit Committee
Yaakov Danon, Chairperson
Yehuda Mualem, CPA
Adv. Margalit Einhorn-Melcer


NLI USA Board Members

Board of Directors, NLI USA
Jacob (Jack) Lew, Co-President
David Makovsky, Co-President
Kenneth S. Abramowitz
Dr. David Agus
Abby Joseph Cohen
Prof. Stanley Fischer
Prof. Ruth L. Gottesman
Michael Jesselson
Dr. Joseph Levine
Jay L. Pomrenze
Seth M. Siegel
Heather Reisman
Jeanette Garretty Reinhard
Tina Price



Director General Oren Weinberg 074-733-6100
Rector Shai Nitzan 074-733-6105
Head of Public Services Orly Simon 074-733-6432
Head of Technical Services Yaniv Levi-Korem 074-733-6230
Head of Information Systems Itzik Burshan 074-733-6333
Head of Logistics a​​nd Operation Assa Baram 074-733-6150
Head of Culture and Education ​Tsila Hayun 074-733-6195
Head of Collection Raquel Ukeles 074-733-6281
Head of Digital Yaron Deutscher​ 074-733-6341​
CFO Chedva Knopf 074-733-6120
Human Resources Manager Lilach Sade 074-733-6193
Head of International Relations & Partnerships Naomi Schacter

Legal Counsel

E. Landau Law Offices

Internal Auditor
Pnina Danieli, Tel: 074-733-6104

Company Secretary
Attorney Shimon Netzer, Tel: 074-744-6254

Management Office
Asst. to the Director General, Michal Moav, Tel: 074-733-6100

Ayelet Gila, Management Secretary, Tel: 074-733-6101



Israel Hezi Ami​ur 074-733-6283
Judaica Yoel Finkelman  074-733-6112
Humanities Stefan Litt 074-733-6282
Islam and Middle East Raquel Ukeles 074-733-6280

Library Departments

Reference Nachum Zitter 074-733-6400
Reference and Loan Services Tomer Hadad​ 074-733-6434
Circulation Noga Ben Moshe 074-733-6410
Interlibrary Loans Zmira Reuveni 074-733-6412
General Reading Room Ofek Goren
Israel and Judaica Reading Room    
Service Manager Ester Taga ​074-733-6435
Judaica Reference Librarian​ Dr. Aliza Moreno ​074-733-6168
Israel Reference Librarian​ Galia Richler-Grebler 074-733-6443
Islam and Middle East Reading Room Michal Tzadok 074-733-6223
Archives ​Matan Barzilai 074-733-6265
The Institute of Microfilmed Manuscripts Yitzchack Gila 074-733-6238
Music and Sound Archive Dr. Gila Flam 074-733-6450
Eran Laor Cartographic Collection Ayelet Rubin 074-733-6430
Gershom Scholem Collection Dr. Zvi Leshem 074-733-6441
Edelstein Collection Chaya Meier-Herr 074-733-6494
Books Acquisition Department Meirav Livne 074-733-6204
Legal Deposit and Orders Department Erez Elimelech 074-733-6240
Reception Department​   074-733-6206​
Stacks Department Alexis Lacher 074-733-6130
Hebrew Catalogue Department Ahava Cohen 074-733-6231
Foreign Language Catalogue Department Marina Goldsmith 074-733-6290
Arabic and Middle Eastern Languages Department   074-733-6220
Union List of Serials Department Meirav Livne 074-733-6108
RAMBI/Classification Sylviane Stampfer 074-733-6212
Restoration Department Marcela​ Szekely 074-733-6250
Photocopy Services Shumel Hefez 074-733-6317
External Exhibitions​​ Rachel Misrati​ 074-733-6264
Serials DB Shelflist and Book Bindery David Shapira 074-733-6252

Directors/Head Librarians

Aharon Cohen 1892-1920
Schmuel Hugo Bergman 1920-1935
Gotthold Weil 1935-1946
David Hartwig 1946-1947
Curt David Wormann 1947-1968
Issachar Joel 1968-1969
Israel Adler 1969-1971
Peretz Tishby 1971-1972​
Roy Mersky 1972-1973
Reuven Yaron 1973-1978​
Malachi Beit-Arie 1978-1990
Israel Shatzman 1990-1997
Sara Japhet 1997-2001
Yoram Tsafrir 2001-2005​
Rosalind Duke 2005-2006​
Doron Avital April-November 2006​
​Shmuel Har-Noy 2007-2009
Oren Weinberg January 2010-present