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The Ephemera Project

The Ephemera Project

Ephemera: Add Your Piece to the Story

Ephemera are printed or digital materials with a short-lived interest or purpose, such as posters, menus, tickets, flyers, advertisements, newsletters, greetings cards, postcards, invitations and more.

The Ephemera Project is a core initiative of Gesher L'Europa, aiming to bring history to life by collecting contemporary ephemera from Jewish communities across Europe. In 2020, as part of our efforts, we launched the Global Jewish COVID-19 Archive, to document how the pandemic has impacted Jewish life around the world. Thousands of items in the archive have already been collected and catalogued

We encourage individuals, organizations and institutions across Europe and around the world to send us their ephemera, so that we can continue documenting global contemporary Jewish life and preserving these items for future generations.

Join us!

Send your digital ephemera to us via email: [email protected] or submit using the form below: