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Title Juda Grossman-Roszczin (1883-1934) : przyczynek do biografii anarchobolszewika.
Additional Titles Iuda Grossman-Roshchin (1883-1934) – a contribution to an anarcho-Bolshevik’s biography
Host Item Kwartalnik Historii Żydów 274 (2020) 341-377
Description The article is a contribution to the biography of Iuda Grossman-Roshchin (1883—1934), a Russian revolutionary with Jewish roots. The author traces back Grossman’s progress and analyzes his evolution against the background of socio-political crises in Eastern Europe at the beginning of the 20th century. Among the various stages of Roshchin’s activity over a space of almost 40 years, the author distinguishes the following periods: social democratic, anarchist, anarcho-syndicalist, anarcho-Bolshevik and Bolshevik. The highlight and turning point in Grossman’s life was the 1917 revolution and the civil war in Russia, which shaped Roshchin as an anarcho-Bolshevik. The author also draws attention to Grossman-Roshchin’s journalistic activity, his conflicts with the anarchist movement, his work in the first Soviet universities, his membership of the Russian Proletarian Writers’ Association (RAPP), his contacts with Soviet literary circles and this friendship with the Lunacharsky family. In addition, by providing examples of Grossman’s texts, the author provides a general outlook of his output as literary critic.
With an English summary.
Language Polish
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