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The file contains: Heritage division agreement of Elisabeth Batthyány (daughter of Adam Swetkowitz) wife of Cristoff von Batthan (Kristóf Battyhány) by the Austrian inheritance advisor and country marshal (Lanndtmarschalch) Wilhem von Puechaim (Puchaim, Puchheim) of Heydenrichstain (Heidenreichstein) and Hannsen von Weispriach (Weißpriach, also János Baizpokhar) Baron of Landtsee (Landsee) and Koblstorf (Kobersdorf) between Franntzen von Batthyan (Ferenc I Batthyány) Lord of Güssing (Németújvár), the Chamberlain Adam Swetkovitz (Elisabeth's brother) and the siblings Adam, Lasla (Lassel, Laszló), Cesar, Carll (Karl), Anna, Clara (Klara), Leonora (Eleonora), Maria [Swetkowitz], etc. Other persons mentioned in the document: Joachim Swetkobitz, council chamberlain and marshal Baron Julius von Hardegk (Hardeck, Hardeky), Georg von Weispriach, Georg von Khunigsperg, Troian von Auersperg, Eernreich (Ernreich, Ehrenreich) von Trautmansdorf (Trauttmansdorff), etc. Vienna, 09.06.1535. The lowest part of the document contains some hardly readable additional explanatory text to the persons mentioned in the document. Originally with three seals. One seal is missing the other two red wax sigils are partially broken. Parchment. (See also file ARC. 4* 2031 / 13). ; A German copy of the above heritage and sales agreement. Paper with watermark. Four pages. ; A Hungarian translation (slightly unlike the original German version) of the above heritage and sales agreement. Paper with watermark. Four pages. ; A German copy of the above heritage and sales agreement signed by Elisabeth Batthyány, nee Swetkowitz on 05.12.1563. Paper with watermark. Four pages.

Title Heritage division agreement of Elisabeth Batthyány.:
Creation Date 1535-1563
Notes File Record
Host Item Batthyány family collection
Language German
Call Number ARC. 4* 2031 / 05
System Number 990048966130205171

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