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Hundreds were arrested and the leader of the group, which blocked the intersections in an illegal demonstration, was fined $3,300. Some politicians criticized the disruption of life inside Israel proper. They feared such disruption may turn Israelis against them. However public opinion polls showed a small majority sympathized with the settlers. Meanwhile, at the end of a week of intensive negotiations in Taba, Foreign Minister Shimon Peres and Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat initialed an agreement dealing with implementation of the next stage of their interim agreement. It provides that Israeli troops withdraw from towns and villages before the elections to the Palestinian Council and from other areas in three stages, over a year and a half - after the elections. The settlements. It is not clear what will happen in Hebron, however. That issue is still open because several hundred Jews live inside it. Boundaries of the new Palestinian jurisdiction haven't been set yet but Israel has insisted on not removing; Photo shows: Heads of the Yesha Council, representing the settlers in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, leave Defense Ministry headquarters Tel Aviv following a meeting with Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. (r to l) Zvi Hendel (head of the gush Katif Council in the Gaza Strip) Uri Ariel, Yesha Council Secretary General, Zeev Hever (covering his eyes) Secretary of the Amana settlement movement and behind them (looking sideways) Rabbi Yoel Bin-Nun. The meeting ended inconclusively. August 3, 1995.

Title Thousands of West Bank settlers and their supporters squatted on hill tops and blocked major intersections in an attempt to block the peace process and the expected transfer of land and authority to the Palestinians.
Related place Tel Aviv-Yafo (Israel) - related place
Creation Date 1995
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המידע אודות התצלום נמסר על ידי יוצר האוסף, מר דן הדני
Additional Place צולם בתאריך: 03 באוגוסט 1995
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Host Item ארכיון דן הדני.
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Links Thousands of West Bank settlers and their supporters squatted on hill tops and blocked major

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